The Flow

The art I create is inspired by the space of my emotional & mental state. I can replicate many things, however I prefer to cultivate what can't be replicated because it teaches lessons, it teaches expression & authenticity.


The chemistry of the earth, of the clouds, of its movements always leaves me soaring inside. To sit & watch majestic clouds come in & bring rain which gives nourishment to all around us including us moves me

Growing up art intrigued me & left me curious to create my own TO BEAR MY SOUL because what most sees as a painting it gives off the feeling of LIFE. Being diagnosed with ADHD. art became a expression from within.

Some of the very things I was intrigued by no longer intrigued me however I never steered away from art whether it was applauding artists or creating my very own privately.

Throughout my time in the Marine Corps I'd make my way to large art galleries all over & that joy of creating art started brewing again, so here we are.

It doesn't matter where you've been, only where you're going because that's already written, so here's the time to make the effort.

Emotions & thought are put into each piece & I'm delighted to share with you.

The Artist ✨️

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